We’ve had a  few cases recently where Landlord’s have been insuring their buildings on Flats in England on separate policies.


The ABI code of conduct for England confirms that Buildings for blocks (e.g. flats, houses converted to flats) need to be insured on 1, single policy.

This is to save multiple Insurer’s becoming involved in any claim, for instance a water leak from a top floor flat affecting those flats beneath it.

In this case, a number of Insurers would become involved, each trying to determine the route cause of the water leak and then claiming off each other for the subsequent damage. Very messy and complicated.


Hence the best course of action is to ensure you have a single policy for the entire block or house.

The extra advantage of this is the money saved as 1 single policy will cost much less than a number of separate ones.

Plus of course you will split the premium between the owners of each flat.

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