True story about how we helped one of the pubs we insure save some money on their landlord’s insurance.

The insurance is arranged by an agent acting on behalf of the owner of the building. The pub business owner has to pay the annual insurance premium to this ‘middle-man’ – the payment is known as a surcharge. The annual ‘surcharge’ came through at £2,300, remember this is to cover purely the buildings insurance aspect.

Hence a huge amount of money!

The client approached us to help and of course we were only to happy to oblige knowing full well we were highly unlikely to actually win the business.

The reason for this is we knew the agent acting on behalf of the property owner would simply match our quote, but as this is an existing client we of course were more than happy to assist.

We managed to secure a quote from the market of £1,100 – which yes, the agent then matched so we saved our client £1,200!

Nothing in it for us, save to help an existing client out which as we’ve said is exactly what we are here for. Plus, the pub gave us a free meal and bottle of wine in return – which of course went down very well!!!